Past Events

2015 Lecture Series

October 20, 2015

Robb Erickson, Dockwise: How Did It Get There? - Video

October 13, 2015

Eric Young, Visions of the Bay, the Bayou, Our World, and Beyond - Video

September 8, 2015

Burton Reckles, La Salle’s La Belle: The Pretty Ship that Rewrote Texas History - Video

August 11

Richard Hall, Texas Lighthouses: Gulf Coast Lighthouse Styles - Video

July 14

D. Brian Anderson, ‘Ship of Dreams’: Cultural and Literary Legacy of the Titanic - Video

May 19

Jeremiah Dancy, The Myth of the Press Gang: Volunteers, Impressment and the Naval Manpower Problem in the Late Eighteenth Century - Video

April 28

Jordan McDonald, COSTA CONCORDIA: A Wreck Removal Feat - Video

April 14

Marks Hinton, Houston’s Port and Ship Channel History as Told by Street Names - Video

March 10

Kim Todt and Elizabeth Nyman, Purging the Seas: Government Reaction to Piracy (1600-2015) - Video

February 10

Andrew Hall, Civil War Blockade: Running on the Texas Gulf Coast - Video

January 20

Laurence Shallenberger, USS Tang: The Best of the BestVideo

2014 Lecture Series

September 9

Judith-Ann Saks, The Bicentennial Project of the Port of Houston: A Pictorial History of the Port - Video

August 12

Maria Burns, Maritime Heritage Rediscovered: The Legacy of Sea Transport & Logistics from Prehistory to Modern Days - Video

July 1

Peter Noble, Adventures in Arctic Naval Architecture & Offshore Engineering - Video

June 10

Al Meyer, Details Matter: Traditional Ropework on Small Craft

May 13

Justin Parkoff & Jessica Stika, Preservation Project: USS Westfield - Video

April 8

Carrington Weems, 8 Significant Events in Maritime History

March 11

Stephen Kinnaman, author
The Ships of Captain BullochVideo

February 18

Al Brooks, Charting a Successful Maritime Career

January 14

Tom Gillette, Lessons Learned from the Exxon ValdezVideo

2013 Events

November 21

Gilligan’s Island Coastal Lagoon Adventure

June 23

HMM Family Festival - Photos – Video

2013 Lecture Series

November 14 – History Lecture

Mark Lardas, The History of the Port of Houston Video

October 24 – Career Lecture

Rachel de Cordova, Royston and Rayzor & Todd Stewart, Gulf Winds International  “Charting a Successful Maritime Career” - Video

October 10 – History Lecture

TJ Brown, Naval Aviation in Southeast Asia/ the Vietnam War - Video

September 26 – Career Lecture

Chris Kocurek, Cameron & Jonathan Schiappa, Diamond Offshore
 “Charting a Successful Maritime Career”

September 12 – History Lecture

George Bolin, Brown Shipbuilding Company Arms WWII Naval Fleet

August 8 – History Lecture

Charles Feazel, Terror in Slow Motion: The Art of War in the Age of Sail - Video

July 17 – History Lecture

Eric Young, Harrisburg Steamships Birth Maritime Trade in Harris County - Video

June 13 – History Lecture

Mark Ladas, Author
Frigate Warfare

May 2 – History Lecture

Charlie Cozewith
Ship Modeling Through the Ages - Video

April 18 – Career Lecture

Scott Birtle, Clarkson Shipping Services USA & Maria Burns, Texas Southern University
 “Charting a Successful Maritime Career” - Video

April 11 – History Lecture

Laurence Shallenberger
World War II: SS Ohio & the Relief of Malta - Video

March 28 – Career Lecture

Shanna Castanie, Buffalo Marine Services & Amy Arrowood, J.A.M Distributing Company
 “Charting a Successful Maritime Career” - Video

March 18 – History Lecture

Thomas Gillette
“Reflections on December 7, 1941: Attack on Pearl Harbor”

February 28 – Career Lecture

Karl & Kristofer Schroder, Schroder Marine Services, Inc.
“Charting a Successful Maritime Career”

February 21 – History Lecture

Dr. Stephen Curley, Author
“The Ship That Would Not Die”

January 24 – Career Lecture

Steve Nelson, Houston Pilot & Jason Tieman, Port Vision’s Director of Maritime Operations
“Charting a Successful Maritime Career” - Video

January 15 – History Lecture

Alan Sumrall, Author
“Old Hoodoo” The Battleship Texas: America’s 1st Battleship 1895-1911

2012 Events

October 25

“HMM Love Boat Cruise”
Kirby Inland Marine M/V Observer

July 26

“Bonohomme Richard vs Serapis: Flamborough Head 1779″
Book Release & Presentation with Author Mark Lardas

June 28

“Treasures of the Gulf”
St. Arnold’s Brewery

March 17

Museum Siting Ceremony
The Sam Houston Pavilion at the Port of Houston

2012 Lecture Series

December 13

Andrew Hall, Author
“The Galveston-Houston Packet: Steamboats on Buffalo Bayou”

November 8

Eric Young, HMM Docent
The Off-Beat Traveler: Cruise by Cargo Ship 

October 18

Laurence Shallenberger, HMM Docent
 Captain Joshua Slocum: Around the World Alone

September 13

Burt Reckles, Maritime Miniaturist
The History of Ships-in-Bottles: Art…Craft…Crazy

August 8

Loren Steff
“The Man Who Thought Like a Ship” - Video

July 19

John Milligan
The SS United States: America’s 1st & Last Superliner

June 23

Dr. Sara Massey
Vietnamese Fishing Communities of the Texas Gulf Coast

May 17

Edward T. Cotham, Jr.
Battle of the Bay: The Civil War Struggle for Galveston - Video

April 17

Dr. Cyrus Mody, Rice University History Department
Disaster, Safety, and Innovation on the High Seas before and after the Titanic

March 22

Tammy Lobaugh, Director, Texas Maritime Academy, Texas A&M University at Galveston
From War to Reef: The Illustrious Life of the Texas Clipper

February 16

Walter Hansen, wooden ship restoration Specialist
Saving the Hanne Frank: A 1942 Danish Fishing Boat in Houston

January 26

Captain Mitch Schacter, Director, Maritime Program, San Jacinto College:
A Sea of Opportunities: Maritime Careers Today