Reciprocal Membership

The Houston Maritime Museum holds memberships with the Council of American Maritime Museums (CAMM) and the North American Reciprocal Museum (NARM) Association, which gives our members reciprocal benefits.

Your current membership at the Family Level or above allows you to receive free admission to all CAMM museums, just present your CAMM membership card when you visit. Located on your HMM Family Level or above membership card, there is a Gold Sticker, which is the indicator for all museums in the NARM Association that you receive free or their member price admissions and a discount in their museum shop.

Now that the HMM membership with the NARM Association has been finalized, we will reissue new HMM membership cards with the NARM Association Gold Sticker for all current memberships that are at the Family Level or above.

If you have not yet received or have lost your CAMM membership card, please contact Kristin Josvoll at 713-666-1910 or  


For lists of the participating museums, click the links below.

Council of American Maritime Museums Member List

North American Reciprocal Museum Association Member List