2011 In Review

Want to know more about what the Houston Maritime Museum has been up to, as well as what we have planned for next year? Keep reading!

A note from the Education and Outreach Coordinator:

As a new staff member, I have been delighted to learn about all that the Houston Maritime Museum has accomplished within the past year. For example, we implemented a Model Building Merit Badge program for Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts, began distributing a monthly e-newsletter, and continued our support of the Maritime Academies at Austin and Yates High Schools, as well as the new Maritime Transportation Management and Security major at Texas Southern University.

The museum is poised to increase our momentum in the coming year and I feel lucky to have joined the staff at such an exciting time. We recently teamed up with a video conferencing company and are about to launch our first interactive distance learning initiative. Lorena Alvarez, our master ship modeler, will lead students in creating origami boats and conducting experiments to test their speed and buoyancy.

In addition to distance education, we continue to build relationships with home school groups. We will start the new year with an on-site program about Nathaniel Bowditch and navigation.

In an effort to bring more tourists into the museum, HMM is joining the Houston Greeters network in December 2011. Houston Greeters is a group of hospitable Houstonians eager to show off theircity. Our affiliation with this group will greatly increase our international visitors in 2012.

The above is just a small sampling of what the Houston Maritime Museum has planned for 2012. We are also in the midst of recording oral histories with WWII Merchant Mariners, restoring a model of the Esso Japan, and hosting an ongoing maritime lecture series.

Just as important as our expanding outreach and educational programming, is our need to move into a new building. 2204 Dorrington has been a wonderful home, but the museum needs to grow. We have been searching for a new space for several years, and have high hopes that we will find the appropriate site in 2012.

A new site will provide for many exciting benefits, including:

  • New, interactive exhibits
  • Access to the water
  • Ability to bring public schools classes to the museum
  • Separate classroom and lecture space

These additions will go a long way towards accomplishing our mission of capturing and preserving the wonder and influence of maritime history and the marine industry. We need your support more than ever during this time of expansion.

It takes approximately $300,000 each year to operate the Houston Maritime Museum at its current location. Our modest admission fees cover only a small portion of these costs. Generous patrons like you cover the rest. We rely on gifts of every size to meet this goal every year.


Mary Barnes
Education and Outreach Coordinator