Custom Pilot Boat

Custom Models

Model Design and Construction

Ship modeling is an ancient art, but few people today have the patience, precision, and artistic ability to craft detailed scale models. Lorena Alvarez, Master Modeler, is one of the few.

Ms. Alvarez builds models from scratch and can create any vessel from any period. She has created accurate models ranging in size from eleven inches to seven feet. Plans and drawings are helpful, but a good photograph may be sufficient.

We invite you to work with HMM to design the perfect model for your home or office.

HMM can also build a custom acrylic case and attractive wooden base to prevent future damage to your valuable models.

Pricing is affordable and competitive, but varies according to size, detail, and complexity for all services.

Please contact Lorena at 713-666-1910 or [email protected] for a free estimate. All proceeds go into the museum’s operating fund.