The museum is happy to work with students to help them meet educational requirements, although at this time we cannot offer any compensation to our interns.

To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to both Heather and Diane at [email protected] and [email protected]. Your cover letter should indicate in which area(s) you would like to intern and suggest a project you want to complete while at the Museum (areas listed below). All prospective interns are encouraged to visit HMM before applying in order to design applicable projects.

Education Interns

Education interns work with staff and volunteers to develop and implement educational programming for school groups. Interns are expected to research an aspect of maritime history covered in the museum, outline connections to Texas state learning objectives, develop a presentation with an interactive element (game, craft, etc), and either present the program to a school group or train other volunteers on how to give the presentation. Interns will also be encouraged to create a budget for their program, advertise their program, and complete other aspects of programming required in museum education jobs.

Collections Interns

Collections interns work with staff and volunteers to catalogue and digitize the museum’s growing collection of ship models, artifacts, artwork, ship plans, books, and periodicals. Interns get the opportunity to work with the PastPerfect software system.

Marketing Interns

Marketing interns are expected to design projects to increase public awareness of HMM, in addition to engaging with the museum audience through social media on a regular basis. For example, an intern may direct and produce a series of short videos on the museum’s collections to be integrated into the museum website. In short, Marketing Interns are encouraged to implement innovative usage of web and media tools to spread the word about HMM!

Administration Interns

Museum administration interns learn the nuts and bolts of running a museum office. Projects may include contact management using the PastPerfect software, contributing to the museum’s monthly newsletter, creating a web-based system to monitor volunteer opportunities and hours, and scheduling tours.

Research Interns

Research interns do extensive research into a topic in the museum’s collection and then distill the information into an easy to transport presentation for use in HMM tabletop events or into professional museum labels to be displayed at the museum. They are required to present their research to HMM docents so that they can incorporate the new information into their tours. We are currently working to create an exhibit on our Founder, Jim Manzolillo, his shrimp boat business, and how shrimping effects Houston. Interns are encouraged to contribute to this project.

Exhibits Interns

Exhibits interns work with HMM staff and volunteers to fabricate new exhibits and redesign stale exhibits. Exhibits internships are dependent on the museum’s needs. Please contact the museum for more information - we currently have an opportunity for an intern to work on collecting materials and designing an exhibit on our founder, Jim Manzolillo, his shrimp boat business, and how shrimping effects Houston.

Specific requirements and hours will be negotiated upon acceptance.