Rickmers Remodeling Before

Model Restoration

Cleaning, Repairs, and Restoration

The Houston Maritime Museum can take care of all your model ship restoration needs.

With 25 years of experience and over 80 model restorations, Lorena Alvarez makes HMM the ideal place to handle all of your cleaning, repairing and restoring needs.

In the process of restoration HMM retains as much of the original work as possible, aiming for a like-new condition that maintains the model’s integrity.

Rickmers Remodeling After

Rickmers Remodeling After

HMM can also build custom acrylic cases and attractive wooden bases to prevent future damage to your valuable models.

In addition to ships, HMM offers cleaning, repair and restoration services for other kinds of models, including offshore platforms, trains, cars, planes, and doll houses.

The Houston Maritime Museum offers very competitive rates for restoration services. Please contact Lorena Alvarez at 713-666-1910 or [email protected] for a free estimate.

All proceeds go into the museum’s operating fund.

Take the first step towards restoring and preserving your cherished models-contact HMM!