School Groups

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As a small organization, the Houston Maritime Museum is able to work closely with educators to develop programming that meets their needs.

To start, we encourage groups to take a guided tour of our collections. This will provide you with an overview of maritime history and make subsequent presentations more enriching.

In addition to tours, we are currently offering on-demand presentations on the following topics:


The History of Navigation (grades 6-12)

Christopher Columbus (can be tailored for all ages)

Ships in Bottles (can be tailored for grades 3+)

The Offshore Oil and Gas Industry (grades 9-12)

High School educators, please refer to our Speakers Bureau page for more topics that are suitable for advanced students.

Other topics can be arranged at the request of educators, as our collections inspire a variety of learning experiences. For example, we have a world-class navigational collection that includes sextants, chronometers, and other navigational aids that help explain topics in Geography, Science, and History. The museum also highlights modern and historic trading vessels that encourage discussions about scientific innovations, the age of exploration, and the modern shipping industry. The museum has an equal number of warships on display, from the Age of Sail through World War II. Please view our map and guide to learn more about the topics we cover in the museum.

If your class is unable to visit the museum, we may be able to bring a variety of ship models and/or one of the above presentations to your classroom. If you have distance learning capabilities at your school you may be able to participate in our Distance Education initiatives.

Please contact Heather at 713-666-1910 to schedule a tour or presentation.